Graveyards kept aside

The more time goes on, the more things are forgotten. The philly graves book that was written was a great piece of work. It’s amazing how some books can be best sellers and books like this one are completely swept aside. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will find myself reading it again in the future. Each chapter was written with a lot of care and thought. The author made sure to leave no stone un-turned.

I hope that was time goes on this will be remember a bit more than it is today. Maybe someone will come across it and really take a look and appreciate the words the author used. I can’t find the book for sale anymore, so I’m assuming it went out of print, you’ll probably have to use a site like ebay to find it.

With that being said, I will take another moment to remember a fallen friend, he unfortunately was hurt in a fire, I know he lived in Denver at the time, this was before this place exploded. There were around 600k people there, but who knows now with the incredible amount of people who keep visting and showing up, who knows?


I don’t fully know why a book about Philadelphia graves reminded me of my friend in Denver, but it just happened that way. Anyway, make sure if you ever run into any type of mold, you reach out to someone know knows what they are doing, same goes with Water damage restoration in Denver – it’s not quite as easy to fix on your own as you might think. Trust me on this, I learned the lesson the hard way on this.


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